Second Amendment

Carl is standing up to the radical Democrats in Albany who are trying to take away your Second Amendment rights with unconstitutional gun-control laws. Carl launched a law-suit against Kathy Hochul to defend your Second Amendment rights.


Carl supports our brave law enforcement officers, and opposes the radical Democrats attempt to defund the police. Bail reform is allowing criminals back on our streets. Carl is tough on crime so that New Yorkers can feel more safe.


Gas prices and groceries are skyrocketing for families in Western New York and the Southern Tier. The Democrats radical spending spree is hurting your wallet. Carl will fight for American energy independence and oppose Democrats socialist spending spree.


Carl will oppose the non-historical teaching of critical race theory. He will promote strong public schools and school choice so that all students have a chance to succeed.

Law Enforcement

Carl Paladino will always support our law enforcement. When elected to Congress, Carl will fight for pay raises for cops, and oppose the Democrats radical plan to defund the police. Paladino is the only candidate in the race endorsed by law enforcement, New York State Law Enforcement Officers Union 82 supports Carl. They represent over 800 members in Western New York and the Southern Tier.

Border Security

Carl supports securing the border and finishing President Trump's border wall. He supports pay raises and hiring more border patrol agents, and deporting illegal immigrants. Carl will move to impeach the Homeland Security Secretary for gross negligence with the southern border.


A strong agriculture sector is very important to Western New York and the Southern TIer. Family farms are strong employers in our community. As a member of Congress, Carl will support fair trade deals for our farmers, deregulation to spur economic growth and production, and reforming the H2-A visa program to provide more workers for farms.

for Congress

Lifelong advocate for Western New York. Republican Candidate for Congress #NY23